Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, New goals

At the end of my workout last week, I got on the treadmill and ending up running for the last few minutes of my "cool down jog." After that I had a moment of insanity and I emailed two girlfriends I thought we should start running together. Well, they took me seriously and now we are going to train for a half marathon in April...  
The gal I workout with at work, Amanda, and I started the 100 day burpee challenge. Yesterday we started; one burpee isn't bad at all. Can you imagine doing 100 in a row??

I also have decided to give up sweets. Not forever, mind you, but at least until I can get a hold on my sweet tooth. It is definitely an addiction that needs to stop before it completely takes over and I get diabetes or something. 

After our pork and sauerkraut, which was so yummy, they laid out the spread: chocolate pecan pie, cream cheese strawberry dessert, buckeyes, gingerbread cookies, cut outs, oreo truffles and more! (see, a PROBLEM!) There it sat, right in front of me and I didn't touch any of it. I for sure wanted some of it. Even reasoned why one piece wasn't necessarily 'cheating.' Yep, I need to get a handle on this. 

So, day one of the burpee / dessert challenge down and it felt great!!

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