Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More of James, Less of Bee

More of James and less of me... that is my prayer as I continue to read though his book. Oh Lord, please give me an understanding of your word so that I may be able to live it out in my life. 

James 1:7-8: Double minded and unstable... those two words hit me like a freight train. I do sometimes doubt God, probably because I want to have control and He doesn't work fast enough for me. After reading today's verses  that means I shouldn't expect anything from him. (YIKES!) I have an excellent relationship with my dad and have absolutely no problems asking him for help. He's so wonderful I can't even begin to describe it. My dad has always, always been there for me even when I didn't know I needed him. So, why can't I remember that as great as my earthly father is, my heavenly father blows him out of the water. That is my prayer today; trust / obey / NOT doubt my heavenly father as much as I do my earthly father.

James 1:9-11: I was a little confused so I had to read the study notes in my bible. Then things made more sense. "Trials: the Christian who suffers the trial of poverty is to take pride in his high positions as a believer, and the wealthy Christian is to take pride in trials that bring him low, perhaps including the loss of his wealth." I am so thankful for this because it helped me understand better and put things into action. We currently live in my husbands grandfather's house (it was sitting empty before we got married) now while we pay off Matt's law school debt and save up for our first home. Sometimes it's so hard because all I want to do is 'build our nest' and there just isn't that opportunity right now. It's not our house to paint or decorate or make any sort of changes. For a girl who 'wants to paint the world red' this can be an I-S-S-U-E! When I get an itch and want to find our own house, Matt reminds me of the reason why we are where we are and pulls me back down.  Trails... persevere... Oh Lord help me stay on course!!

James 1:12:  Isn't it amazing how one verse can say so much about God's love for us?!?!  "Perseverance will result in blessings, including the crown of life."  Thank you Lord Jesus.  It is still amazing to me that as sinners, we are able to be loved, adored by God and receive His blessings.  Why wouldn't you love a father like that :c)

James 1:13-14: The thing that stuck out the most is that when we are pulled away from God, due to our own desires, we will face temptations. And, those temptations are never from them Lord. I think that in my heart I really know this, but sometimes my head wants to ask God "WHY!?!?" In those moments, I should turn to God and ask for "HELP" instead. Oh, sin is so gross and the devil is very sneaky.

Today is also a day that I am joining Courtney at women living well and praising my hubs.

One thing that I totally love about him is his drive. He knew at the age of 8 that God had meant for him to an attorney. *I'm 30 and still don't know what I'm meant 'to be'* When he first graduated from Law School, he took a job clerking for the county. Then, when he passed the bar and was sworn in he took the first job that came along. It gave him the experience he needed but it just wasn't what God had planned for his career. In December of '09, he left the firm he was at and started his own practice. B-I-N-G-O!! God meant for him to be his own boss, travel NW Ohio, and ministry to the criminals and down hearted. He is a-mazing at his job and the best attorney in the 419. I love his drive, perseverance, and heart for the Lord.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Journey thru James

I have read about GMG in the past, but never more than that.  Well this year, among other things, I have decided to "stop just thinking about and act."  That's why I have joined a group and found my accountability partner. 

We are reading James alongside other GMG groups.  So far, here is my journey:
James 1:1,2: At first I thought "what the heck am I going to get out of just two verses" but I was pleasantly surprised when I read the intro and the verses. The first thing that he does after introducing himself is to say "consider it joy when you face trials." WOW!  Can you imagine meeting him!?!? "Hi, my name is James and I want to tell you that you should consider it joy when you're having a bad day." I like that he opens with this because it says to me "rearrange your thoughts and find joy in everything, especially the trials."  Align your thinking with T-H-A-T! 

James 1:3,4: (I am writing the verses out in a binder and am finding that it sinks in more.) "Testing of your faith produces perseverance... so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." If only I could get over myself enough to let God do His work in my life, then I won't lack a thing. Pretty bold words that I want to resignate all day long. Consider it joy when you face trials. You will persevere and lack nothing. Last night in our marriage small group, we talked about 'getting over arguments quickly so as to enjoy each other's company once again.' Reading this mornings verses just reaffirmed this idea... you will face trials, but persevere as tomorrow will supply you with all you need!

James 1: 5,6: Today's verses really struck a cord with me. When Matt and I first were married, it was a struggle. We are very strong willed and both had high expectations. Oh how the devil loved to see us fight! At the end of 2009 I was ready to walk away because I just didn't see an end to the hostility and frustrations. My friend gave me The Power of a Praying Wife, asked me to read it for 30 days and then make my decision. It was life changing! Our marriage is happy, loving, exciting, filled with friendship, blissful, etc. because I asked God to give me the wisdom. I had no idea how to be a wife, but with his help I am gaining the wisdom now to be the best partner I can be for Matt.  Along the same lines, I am in a job that I just do not fit into. It doesn't make me happy; I don't feel that I'm particularly great at it; it causes me stress and anxiety (which can seap into other ares of my life)... you get the picture. Reading todays' verse reminded me that if I can ask and trust God with something as huge as changing my marriage then why can't I ask him for help with my job/career?

Just a little bit more about me, my walk with God, and my life as a wife :)