Thursday, October 27, 2011

He's last minute; I'm year in advance

I LOVE CALENDARS!! Big ones, colorful ones, ones that go on the desk, hang on the fridge / wall, and ones that fit in my purse. I will definitely take a free one from the meat market and enjoy the ones Grandpa Koch gives to me. I have a Franklin Covey at work, I have an everyday one that I made on Snapfish, and 'we' have one that hangs on fridge. Last night, I even told Matt that it was a good idea for him to share his work calendar with me. Okay, I'll honest. I may actually have a calendar hording problem. BUT, I love calendars because they help me plan, remind me of important events, and provide us with opportunities for "free time."

Matt, on the other hand, is not a planner nor does he share my love of calendars. He's last minute and I'm year in advance. When we were first married, you can imagine he was overwhelmed by my great love of planning. "What is that pad of paper hanging on the fridge? Why do you keep printing out weekly schedules? And, can you please explain why you keep asking me what I want for dinner next week during Tuesday breakfast?"  Ha, oh it makes me laugh out loud thinking of this!

One great thing about "learning how to be married" is through bumps and bruises, we have met in the middle on lots of things, this 'planning issue' included. I've committed to speaking to him before putting something on the social calendar. He helps with the grocery list Saturday morning before our trip to the store. And, last night during my "you need to share" plea (maybe it was a whine), we agreed that Mon-Thurs is hectic enough without trying to add Friend Dinner Dates; those can be resevered for the weekend and written in my planner.

I do write down the meal plan and stick that on the fridge, but don't get bent out of shape if we end of up having Monday's dinner on Wednesday.

Here is this weeks Menu Plan: (yes, I'm aware it's Thursday, but I'll still share)

Monday: dinner with small group (sloppy joes... YUCK!)
Tuesday: mustard pork chops (Bon Appetite)
Wednesday: Cheesy Sour Cream chicken (SUPER easy and Matt actually likes it!)
Thursday: steaks, mashed potatoes, and green onions
Friday: dinner with friends
Saturday: wedding reception

And, here are my goals for this week with updates from the last list:
1. organize decorations to get ready for fall *the house looks great!
2. purchase pattern and start my Abby Tote *it is my new favorite bag!!
3. Find WGW leaders for January event
4. Find next book to read. Any suggestions?
6. Lunch with Helene & Mary to start our new bible study
7. Talk to Judy about quiting Lily's *this one is going to be tough, but it's definitely the right decision. I'm getting more involved with WGW and know that is where God wants me.

Oh, I know that this is already a LOOOOOOOOOOONG post, but just an update on exercising / working out. Amanda and I have found some awesome new work outs, that we're loving, on pinterest. Plus, we're still doing the Ripped in 30 with Jillian. I think I'm in the best shape of my life and loving it! I'm working on not getting bent out of shape when my body changes because of kids; that might take a lot of coaching.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I’ve Learned Wednesday

I’m taking a cue from some of the other blogs I read and creating a WILW schedule, I hope. I’ve learned so much since becoming a wife and turning 30 that I don’t want to forget it. Also, someday I hope that I my failures / mistakes and praises / triumphs can help others. Mainly I’d like to help the girls that I don’t have, but that’s a whole other ‘schedule.’

  •  save, Save, SAVE!! The earlier you learn this lesson, the more financial freedom you will have. 
  • Live each day as your last. No really… I mean it. If you keep a mindset of ‘any day now’ you’ll love more, argue less, and look at the world differently than those around you. We weren’t meant for this world anyways. Remember, it is nothing compared to what heaven will be like. 
  • Grandma Reeher’s ruby ring wasn’t real, but she wore it every day. My parents gave it to me for my 31st birthday. So now, so will I. 
  • Speaking of Grandma Reeher, no matter what my mom says she was pretty neat. She was a whiz in the kitchen: cooking up a storm, baking the best brownies, making pies from the berries she picked in the backyard at the lake. She was completely domestic! She may have only been 4 foot nothing but she was special. I wish that I would have learned more from her before she passed away. 
  • Act on those feelings inside of you, even if it feels funny. Chances are God has a blessing for you in them.
  • Don’t hold back an ‘I love you squeeze’ or holding hands in church because ‘he doesn’t like that.’ You’d be surprised at how your man reacts to your slightest touch.
  •  Don’t play with your ring! You may just lose it at work, freak out for a short second, and contemplate asking your boss to come to your cube to ‘help you look.’ Then, on your way to his office, realize it fell in your cardigan pocket and look foolish just standing in his doorway.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Decorations

I have the day off today and finally figured out how to get my crappy cell phone pictures uploaded and on the blog. Hopefully I'll get a new phone soon!

Here are mall fall decorations. Again, please forgive the crappy photos and the funny background / home decor. Other than changing the mantle (not the picture), the piano, and the table I'm somewhat limited.


And, decause these two are so cute and my two favorite guys, and because they both just celebrated birthdays (George turned 4 last Tuesday and Matt's birthday is today), here's one of my favorite pictures of them. We were getting ready for the OSU v U of M game last yearl!