Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dinner, crafting, and something that worked!!

Just a few things that I've been up to lately:

One dinner option last week was the tomato, onion, brie galette (I added shredded chicken) I found online, but I can't remember where. It was SUPER good and very easy! 
 easy way to shred cooked chicken, put it in your whoop dee doo (or Cuisinart food processor if you're not Pam's daughter). Easy Peasy!

After taking my bag into work, Cindy feel in love and asked me to make her one. I was a bit skeptical because I've yet to make something for anyone who is not family. What if she didn't like it? What if she showed it to others and they didn't like it? What if I messed up?? After I got rid of the doubts, I asked her for preferred colors, went to Jo-Anns with my Christmas gift card (thanks Mom & Dad) to search for sale fabric and ended with this:
what do you think?

It's a little bit different than mine. A bit smaller as she's not used to bit purses and I reinforced the bow.

As she was moving everything from her old purse into the new one, she utters "Oh, I'll have to buy a new zippered pouch  to match the black." I noticed her old one was brown, it got me thinking. After work, I ran to Jo-Anns to pick up a zipper. Two hours later, I was done with this:

a little bit lopsided, I know. But, not bad being my first time working with a zipper, right? 
I did need to scour the web for tutorials and ended up using one from see kate sew and twelve22

*I really need to find my camera! So sorry for the blurry pictures again*

One other thing that I wanted to share with you is Jilliee's website. IT IS AWESOME!! Her solutions for ring around the collar and yellow armpit stains are so easy and work so well. Check her out!


  1. Super cute purse! And that zipper looks better than my first zipper did!