Monday, March 28, 2011

stressed on a Monday...

“…oh what a week! If you could see my house right now, you’d probably be embarrassed for me. And my kids, thank goodness they are on spring break because I just can’t make one more... WHAT! Its 4:30; dinner?!?! Oh, do you see all of the dishes piling up and you want more to dirty more. I most certainly haven’t had my quiet time today… and there’s more frustration Ugh… why when life gets a little busy is that usually the first thing to get on the back burner...”

Have you ever been her? Thinking there was no escape or place to refuel? Looking at the “to do” list and realizing not one thing got scratched off! It hit me today that taking time the sit down with our bibles and the Lord can be difficult when schedules get the best of us. But, after reading James 5:13 I believe that God totally knew it would be hard for us at times, (...we have a big ol' enemy working very hard at it). "If you are having trouble, you should pray!" I believe this because he doesn't say, "If you are having trouble, clear your schedule and take a time out with your bible in a quiet place, away from it all." No, he simply says P-R-A-Y!! Come to me my child. I will help! And then, “when you're feeling good, you should sing praises to the Lord.”

He knew it would be hard. He's giving us the option of raising the white flag. Then, He says "when we get through this together, let's celebrate!" Remember he sent Jesus and gave us a wonderful gift; His grace! For those of you how need it today, keep your head up and don't get discouraged by the enemy. Turn to Him and soon you’ll be singing praises with a smile on your face :c)

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