Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesdays... Relationships

Top 2 Things I've learned about relationships…

1. You need to work, like it’s a second job, for a relationship. My best friend’s parents told her this the night she and her husband were married and it is something that I’ve carried into my own marriage. It had never been more evident to me than now, as there are quite a few marriages failing all around us. The good things are worth fighting for. And the really great things, well they leave you with bumps and bruises, but yield a blessing beyond even the wildest imagination!

2. Have a servant’s heart. This is something that I’ve recently stumbled across as we’re reading The Five Love Languages and I’m trying, so hard, to put it into practice. I want my husband to feel loved, worthy, and blessed and having a giving heart ruling my actions is far greater then a selfish hard ruining the evening.

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