Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have tried to change the design of my blog SO MANY TIMES because I keep seeing a "Upgrade to Pro Today" icon blocking elements on my page. UGH... why does this frustrate me so much? Why can't I fix it? And, why can't I find a "help me" button to contact blogger?? Seriously, I would like an 800 number to call so that someone can help me get rid of it.

So, all of this frustration has made me stay away from posting. And, since I'm not particularly found of change and I don't like the way my blog looks, I also haven't been reading my regular blog role.

I need to figure this out...


  1. Blogger is so infuriating sometimes! I wish I could help you out!

  2. agree! trust me, I've changed my blog so many times b/c I keep hoping to find "the style I love"....to no avail. I want a header, but can't figure out how to do one (nor do I REALLY have time...) blah! BUT, I do really really like what you've done :) I've found a few websites that I like (shabbyblogs is one of them!). I like to say my blog is a work in progress...sorta like me :)