Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fix it and forget it!

Last week I painted my nails a blueish purple. Actually, it is OPI blue Suzi Says Feng Shui mixed with Mary Kay Chocolate Spice (yes, that last bottle is an OLD one!) When I bought the blue, I thought that I would like it but it's TOO blue so I needed to fix it before wearing it.

As I was painting my nails, I thought about how I do this a lot; "fixing" things.

In middle school and high school I used to take out the hem because they were 'too short' and cut the bottoms open because they were 'too tight' and didn't fit over my shoes. In college I would make shorts and capris out of pants I'd grown weary of, long sleeves short, cut off turtle necks and sew on patches.

Within the last few years I've started 'fixing' with more than just scissors. I've been using my sewing machine, acquiring all sorts of fabrics and coordinating threads, and actually have more than one pair of good scissors. And yes, this DIY soul has actually taken in a few tutorials, not relying on just my own expertise any longer.

After repurposing a few clothes and making my own bag, I've learned that using the right tools with the right knowledge seems to make my 'fixes' easier, better, and more reliable.

It's sort of that with life too, isn't it?

Dinner Plans for this week:
Monday: cheesy buffalo chicken & veggies *Matt had seconds, and thirds! I won't dare call this a casserole E-V-E-R. that will be the end of his liking it.
Tuesday: lasagna roll-ups (but I'll be using lean ground beef and homemade sauce)
Wednesday: pizza (homemade dough)
Thursday: pumpkin crusted chicken, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts
Friday: TBD / leftovers??
Saturday: out for a surprise birthday party!!

*It may still be too blue, by the way. The verdict's not in yet*


  1. When I was in college... I worked as a bank teller (it was super fun!) and if my hem came out of my black pants (from snagging my heel or just normal wear and tear...) I would STAPLE it back and then color the staple black with a marker. How is that for "fixing" something? ;o) Dont tell my Mom. She would not approve! ;o)

  2. (PS... I saw your question and couldnt directly reply back... you just hit "follow" in the top left corner or Join This Site on the left side of my blog. :o)

  3. Great, thanks Lauren!! I am following you now