Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Problem...

I have a problem. I mean it, a big problem.

Let me say that I’ve been trying very hard not to complain lately. I don’t want to be “that girl” because let’s face it, no one likes her and it's not fit for a lady to do. Unfortunately for this ‘grass is greener, can get lost in the moment, sometimes envious’ soul, it can be difficult at times. Some days it gets the best of me and I find myself traveling down that rabbit hole.

Today has been one of those days. So, right here; right now I am going to complain.

As I pass the time in the “famine of summer 2011,” waiting for a new project to start up or come back to life, I have come across quite a few amazing blogs. There have been so many fabulous projects I want to try and baking, oh the baking… they would make my soul smile and our house so cute, but no… I’m stuck in a 10+ year old black mesh chair, staring at drab speckled gray and blue cube walls listening to KLove on my earbuds daydreaming about those projects and our magic chef oven because I work a 9-5 ridiculously boring job that I totally dislike.

Yes, in the oh-so glamorous world of market research this girl is wasting time day dreaming about NOT being here and today I’m complaining about it.

I’m pinning like crazy and writing to do lists for tonight, tomorrow, this weekend… This may have been stirred up because last night, my normally focused and controlled husband turns to me to say “maybe we should buy a house after the next loan is paid off instead of waiting another year.” W-H-A-T! Before he gets his second sentence across his lips, I’ve already packed up our boxes, picked out new bedroom linens (and a cute lamp for the nightstand), painted the sunroom a fabulous shade of yellow to match the wicker furniture I found at a rummage sale, and…

With all of the fun decorating going on in my head, you might ask why does this make me dislike my job a bit more today? Well, when we talked about our goals just after we were married the list included (in order) live in grandpa’s house to pay off credit cards, pray off cars loans, pay off student loans, buy a house, try for a family and QUIT my F/T job! We have been stuck on “pay off student loans” for quite some time that his mention of seriously looking at houses has my head spinning. All I can think about right now is quitting my job!!

Ugh! This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the week’s productivity. I need to take a cue from the dog...

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14


  1. I hear ya sista! When work is THIS slow, it is so hard not to think of everything else you'd rather be doing in life...

    Speaking of blogs (cause I've found myself in the same 9-5 predicament..) check out mine :) I just posted last night about a blog that I am OBSESSED over!! It should give you a few days worth of reading material ;)

  2. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I invite you to visit me at Katherines Corner. If you like giveaways I have one going on now that ends very soon. Hugs