Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly Menu and Goals

Hi all! We've been enjoying the nice weather, gone on a few trips, and been super busy the last month. I can't believe how time flies!!

Two very fun things to update you on is that I now have finished my first month at two jobs and, with a few bumps, it's going well. I had to cut down my availability so that I didn't overlook my household duties or so that Matt & George feel my absence as much. Like I said, a few bumps but work in progress. I also  accepted a volunteer leadership position at church and couldn't be MORE psyched about it. Me and another gal, who I knew in college, are co-leading the women's ministry at church!! Seriously, I am tickled pink and loving every minute of it so far. We have a lot of work to do, with restructuring a few things and a big kickoff for something new scheduled in January. Oh, it's going to be awesome!! God is doing some amazing stuff at Westgate and I'm so blessed to be a part of it.

Okay, now if I could just back into the swing of blogging. To start things off, I'm taking a queue from Mandy at Biblical Homemaking and will do this week's meal plan and goals. Here we go:

Menu Plans this week:
Monday: Wanchai Ferry Kung Pao Chicken *we have Young Marrieds and I didn't prepare, so we need something quick and simple. I know... FAIL!
Tuesday: Paula Deen's lots o'meat lasagna with my homemade sauce, steamed veggies, and Janelle's cheesy garlic bread *this meal is a big deal to me. Matt didn't really like pasta when we first got married [WHAT!?!?], but I'm slowly turning him to the light*

Wednesday: TBD - any ideas??
Thursday night is STEAK NIGHT! I love MEExton Steak Nights :c) *Friend's may be coming over to enjoy in the gourmet cooking*
Friday: homemade pizza with chicken feta sausage, Alfredo sauce, and artichokes on the Big Green Egg (best pizza ever)
Saturday: dinner at St. Catherine's festival with friends. *have I ever mentioned that we live next to a Catholic church? This is the craziest weekend in our neighborhood.

And, here are my top 10 goals for this week:
1. workout everyday, including the weekends!
2. organize decorations to get ready for fall
3. purchase pattern and start my Abby Tote
4. purchase card for my camera so I can start living up this blog!
5. make Matt's fav cookies, pizza dough, pie crust
6. catch up with Helene
7. finish Created to Be His Helpmeet and find next book to read
8. save $50
9. start "the morning efficiency project" - this will help me be more effective in the a.m. before work.
10. blog one more time before Friday

happy Monday all!!

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  1. Oh yum, your menu plan sounds wonderful! Especially the pizza, do you use a specific recipe!!

    Stumbled on your blog today and enjoyed reading. :)