Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Need more time...

Okay, so I definitely didn't get to #10 on my "to do" list last week, but I felt like it was a successful week non-the-less.

I've been cheering one of my bestest friends on, via texts, in her endeavor of qualifying for golf. I'm not entirely sure where she's ranked or if she's going to make "pro" status by doing this, but I'm cheering and praying her on! She's been on my strongest rocks since God made us friends. I'm not entirely sure that I could do 'life' without her.

Westgate Women has also been gaining momentum. My co-lead and I have very similar ideas, with lots of head nods and "oh yeahs" during our conversations that it's not a coincidence. God is doing amazing things in our church and in our lives.

Again, if I could just back into the swing of I'd be a happy camper. Our house isn't messy to most standards, but the OCD in me is on high-alert because my drawers need special attention. I feel like we need to spring clean even though I did that just a few months ago. I have a plan of how I'm going to rearrange the kitchen cabinets, yet I haven't been able to do it yet. Again, that OCD thing is sort of driving me crazy lately.

So, since I'm killing time before 'quittin' time' I'm going to again take a queue from Mandy and do this week's partial meal plan and goals. Here we go:
Menu Plans this week:
Tuesday: Cheesy Sour Cream chicken, homemade mac & cheese, and steamed veggies
Wednesday: leftovers from the weekend
Thursday: lamb chops, mashed potatoes, and asparagus
Friday: homemade pizza with chicken feta sausage, Alfredo sauce, and artichokes on the Big Green Egg (best pizza ever) *this didn't happen last week so I'm hoping that it will this Friday
Saturday: dinner at friends
Here are my goals for this week. Some I didn't get to from last week, some are in continuation of the ones I did last week, some are just plain needed:
1. organize decorations to get ready for fall
2. organize dresser drawers
3. purchase pattern and start my Abby Tote
4. catch up with Helene / pray for her
5. finish Created to Be His Helpmeet and find next book to read
6. save $50 spending fast! (don't spend money until Saturday)
7. start "the morning efficiency project" - this will help me be more effective in the a.m. before work.

Okay... it's 1 minutes past quittin' time. I'm outta here!

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