Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I've been reading my old posts and realized that I haven't done a 30 Days post in quite some time. Some of you may be thinking that I gave up on exercising and enhancing my walk with God, but that is SO NOT TRUE! I am proud to say that I have worked out almost every work day since Easter (go me!) and I've been soaking up His word like a sponge.

When I started Reshaping It All and picked up the 30 day shred, I found a gal at work who was starting it at about the same time. We instantly clicked! Amanda and I are both tall, were active in high school basketball, and enjoy a good workout. Lots in common; something I've been missing since my old cube mate Emily left last April. Anyways, we became workout buddies, challenging each other every work day and have been moving through the videos together. A few weeks ago we decided it was time for more of a challenge so we bought Jillian's Ripped in 30 and 6-week six pack. Today was day two of Ripped... OH BOY! A challenge we did find...

Also during my 30 day challenge / RIA, as I was dreaming of what God would do with my life I started to get restless at my job again. So, I prayed for God to reveal His plan. If I was to find a new job, I asked that He hit me with it hard. Or, if I am to stay here and suck it up, give me peace and send a FREIGHT TRAIN because I'm a bit stubborn and block headed. I found a few potential full time jobs; one I thought was my ticket out of dodge and *bonus* one of my close friends worked there. It ended up not being for me but through my search and after two short, but super sweet interviews (topped off with a hug from the owner), I did find a part time job at Lily's, this cute shop at one of our outside malls.

*side note: have I ever mentioned that one of my love languages is Physical Touch? Did God put this P/T right in my path or what?!*

I also recently picked up Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. If you have ever struggled in your marriage and seek something more for your life partner, this is a great book! One of my all time favorite ladies recommended it to me on the night we got engaged. I borrowed it from the library and got through chapter 5 or 6, I think, before it was overdue and needed to go back. It was corny and 'not for me.' Two years later I am blessed to have that book in my hands and a friend to talk thru it with. Pouring over scripture and making lists, I'm discovering how God can make our marriage glorious! *Lori over at Always Learning is another great resource on this as well*

Okay, enough updates for now. Time to pack up, head home and make dinner. Oh... and I'm getting much better at wanting to cook as well (one of my "Matt" goals). Pray for tonight's dish; Monday's was sort of blah!

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  1. Happened on your blog from 'Always Learning' hop. I love it! I read a few posts, can't wait to read more. It's always inspiring to read from other women striving to please God in their lives!