Friday, July 15, 2011

The second part of the goal setting challenge at Total Woman Tuesdays is to break down our annual goals into measurable and attainable short-term goals. I sort of did this when I came up with my goals, so here is the ways in which I'm going to meet my goals:
1. I have grown closer to the Lord:

a) Read P31 daily devotional (find another daily devotional)
b) Attend our Young Marrieds and Women’s bible studies
c) Read Christian blogs
d) Read the New Testament
e) Pray for / find a mentor

2. I have become Matt's helper:
a) Read The Power of a Praying Wife daily
b) Read Created to be his Helpmeet before Matt’s birthday
c) Ask Matt specific prayer needs
d) Pray for his protection as he's on the road and in the courts / jails.
e) Keep a clean house, which includes ironing without complaining
f) Cook by making one dinner / dessert out of bon appétit
g) Plan a monthly date night

3. I have built up our savings:
a) Clean Amy's house
b) $50 from every paycheck into savings
c) Talk over purchases with Matt before spending
d) Stick to the budget!
e) Find a second source of extra income

4. I have maintained a healthy lifestyle:
a) Workout everyday on my lunch hour
b) Start running (with Matt, I hope)
c) Eat only one or two sweets a week; nothing more
d) Read six ‘fun’ books
e) Learn how to can fruits and veggies

5. I have helped another woman / wife find their self worth:
a) Pray for God’s will with women’s ministries as I’m not entirely sure what God has in store
b) Be involved with Westgate Women’s ministry team
c) Attend eWomen’s conference in the fall

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  1. Great goals!! I need to make some myself. I have to start out small or I won't follow through. :)