Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reading Scripture

Awful nights sleep = sitting on the couch with heating pad (in pain) trying desperately NOT to look to my right. And it-is-difficult. I favor my right just like I favor even numbers; weird I know but I'm a "righty" so that all makes perfect sense to me.

The past four weeks I have been reading James along side many other women at Good Morning Girls and it's brining about change in my life. It's one thing to sit and pray, be in God's presence and spill your guts, but reading his word is a whole new level for me. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting at his feet praying for strength and asking for healing. It's refreshing and rewarding. But reading scripture is... well... different. It's almost the exact opposite mind set for me. Instead of coming to him with my problems or a new need that I have, I'm quite and still. It's not about me in those moments. It's about God; His word and His teachings for my life. He's the one talking. He's the one saying "listen, because THIS IS GOOD!"

It is changing my life. It is drawing me into a closer, deeper relationship with the Lord and I am loving it! 

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