Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My two favorite guys

This morning, George and I are curled up on the couch because NW Ohio got hit with snow and ice... again! Instead of a negative reaction, like most others Ohioans, I am actually dancing with my red shoes on because Matt and I had a bet. With the warmer weather we had last week, he believed that the yard would be snow free by 11:59 pm on Sunday; I bet it would still be around. Needless to say, with lots of ice and snow the last two days... I WON! We were at a level one again this morning. More snuggling with my pup!

Lately I have been feeling insecure and last night, I had a meltdown. This time, instead of arguing and pushing away, Matt had me sit down to write out what I was feeling insecure about. The list was long and felt like it would go on for-ev-er. Finally, overwhelmed with a few tears welling, I got a tight I LOVE YOU squeeze and Matt read every single one of them, out loud. After every item, he stopped to reassure me, "I love you; God made you that way for a reason; You're beautiful." It was difficult and there were things on that list I didn't want him to know, but after it was over I felt better. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband, a snuggling puppy, an amazing God, and a restoration in my faith.

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