Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My husband is a HUGE fan of mustard. I think that we have at least 5 different varieties in our fridge, not to mention the ones that are 'in reserve' in the cupboards. He will talk your ear off about 'the most underrated condiment.' Oh, how that makes me smile!

Today, as I was reading through chapter 29 of The Power of a Praying Wife, God lead me to Matthew 17:20. Do you know it? I know of it, but haven't committed it to memory. So when I reread about having faith as tiny as a mustard seed not only was I immediately reminded of my mustard loving husband (instant smile), but I was hit with the realization that his love of mustard is a God tugging at me. Do you know how small a mustard seed is? 1 - 2 mm... that's it! I had to google pictures so that I could a visual. God says in Matthew 17:20 that if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will be able to move a mountain and nothing will be impossible. Did you catch that? Faith as tiny as 1 - 2 mm and you can move mountains!! Oh, not to mention that not one thing will be impossible.

You see, my husband Matthew's love of that tiny little seed is a reminder to me first of all to laugh, because he's just so goofy, and secondly with tiniest amount of faith in God nothing is impossible!

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  1. Love it! What a great connection...and a reminder for you each time you open the fridge. :) I am following you from GMGs