Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God is Good!!

Wait a minute… it’s June. How did that happen!?!? Wasn’t it just cold and rainy? And, I swear that I was sporting one of my favorite sweaters just last week. Where did this heat come from?? It’s been in the high 80’s this week in OH. The dog is panting so hard he’s about to give himself an asthma attack. And let’s not even talk about the sweat rolling down my legs as I wash those darn dinner dishes. PHEW, I’m tired just thinking about the heat. (I need a minute)

Beginning year number three in a house with not many modern updates, you learn to live differently. No dishwasher means I must be disciplined in staying on top of chores as I resist the urge to sit in front of the TV after dinner. Walking to the basement for our everyday shower means that I must get over my fear of creepy crawlers as I put on my robe and slippers to head downstairs. No central air means that I must be transformed and get creative… summer heat is NOT the enemy!!

Thankfully Matt put the window unit in Monday, with a little help from me, and our bedroom feels as good as walking into an icebox, if that’s even possible. Oh, it is so refreshing! At the end of the day, we sit on the couch hot and sticky, not moving and forget about the joy of snuggling, as we watch that massive TV (we had to buy) and enjoy the Direct TV (we had to get). Then, we travel upstairs for bedtime and BAM! Life changing, mood altering, sweet refreshing C-O-L-D.

Honestly, just like that, when you open the door you are reborn. Have you ever had moments like that in your life? Today I am reminded of God’s word in Matthew 7:7 as I think about opening that door at night. When it gets close to bedtime and the show starts to wind down, I get a little anxious as I think about the icebox that has become our bedroom. I say a little prayer before I ascend the stairs, “Please God, make it cold, cold, cold tonight.” With each step I take, my heart beats faster as the excitement wells up in me, “Oh Lord, this is going to be good!” And, when I put my hand on that door handle I’m almost jumping out of my skin as I think “Open Sesame!” Ah… God is oh so goo-oo-ood!!

Do you know something else that’s like that life changing, mood altering, sweet refreshing feeling… prayer. Stormie Omartian describes the POWER of prayer as “laying down all claim to power in you and of yourself, and relying on God’s power to transform… It (can be) a gentle tool of restoration… It’s a way to invite God’s power into your life.”

Today, I start month number eighteen of reading The Power of a Praying Wife. This book has taught me the importance and power of prayer, saved our marriage, and brought me closer to my heavenly father than I ever thought possible. If you don’t have this book on your bookshelf, I urge you to check it out. You won’t be sorry you did!

A huge thanks to Missie over at Thirsty for my new gift. Go check out her blog!!

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  1. Congrats again! I am so excited Becca!
    I will have to check out that book, sounds awesome!
    I can totally relate to the warm house. We have no central air either, and the other night it was HOT. 80 degrees and humid. Brought in a huge storm, but WOW. We sat in the basement while the storm passed over us just to cool down lol.