Thursday, May 19, 2011

Domestic... sort of

When we were married almost two years ago, I didn't know how to cook anything other then pasta and the sauce was definitely out of the jar (don't tell my dad!). Let me back up... when we registered for wedding gifts I was way more into selecting exquisite fine china, cute pink and brown luggage for the honeymoon, and a vacuum then I ever was about mixers, casserole dishes, and dutch ovens. I could have cared less what came into the kitchen as long as it was the right color and could be stored nice and neat.

I did get a book full of recipes at my mother-in-law's shower but I was more into the sentimental value and stories behind the chosen recipes; I wasn't too interested in using them for heaven sakes!

Now, here I sit at the kitchen table smelling the white chicken chili I whipped up after work, simmering on the stove top as I wait for my cupcakes to cool so I can fill and frost with the lemon strawberry frosting sitting in the fridge made from scratch... WHAT?!?! Who is this girl, how does she know what to do with the *fabulous Magic Chef a few feet away and she made what from scratch? *still more interested in the decor then really what it does

Yes, the girl who never asked her mamma a cooking or baking question and only stayed in the kitchen long enough to clean dishes is turning domestic and loving every minute of it!

Oh... and did I tell you that the cupcakes are a healthier version of lemon drop cupcakes. Thanks to Katie at Dashing Dish I'm learning healthy alternatives!!

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