Friday, February 26, 2010

work in progress

I feel as if I should put up construction tape and urge you to wear your hard hats if you get too close. You'll have to excuse the 'mess.'
I would like to say that I got 'roped in' to blogging kicking and screaming but a very dear friend found me out; secretly I've been wanting to blog and just didn't know how until she forced me into it. No joke, she put the page together, found the background, came up with the title, and then passed me the link. No joke... she did it all!


  1. Yess maaaam, it is a good thing you like me or I really would have been buggin' the crap out of you today ;)

  2. congrats on starting a blog! i can't wait to follow it- i think you are going to soon become addicted to the wonderful world of blogging :) good luck with everything - I am fairly new to it as well but its AMAZING!